I am reading an article in our local Arkansas Democrat today written by Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune,Minneapolis, about the “train wreck” for General Mills in trying to make Cheerios GF. Everyone asks me and comments on how they think GF should be getting cheaper with all the demand. The anti-gluten free folks say that we are just taking advantage of the consumer by being so expensive. Well in reading this article I think it is a perfect example of how difficult it is to keep the 20parts per million standard the law requires. It seems to be a reasonable number and works for Europe but it still doesn’t make it any easier to accomplish. You know General Mills has policies and procedures to keep the food GF and safe but this simple slip of transporting in the wrong train car cost them millions. This is why manufacturers are slow to get on the wagon. I am pretty sure most people don’t think about the challenges of making products this way. The bigger the company the more difficult it is to keep things pure. We belong to the Gluten Intolerance Group certification and our products are required to be 10 parts per million, which is even stricter. We have to rely on our flour suppliers to keep strict standards and so do we. Testing has to be done weekly. It is a little simpler for us since we are 100% Gf but still we have to buy from very reliable resources and can’t buy from cheaper suppliers. I have come to the conclusion that people that want to eat GF or organic or grass fed just have to be willing on paying much more for their food and maybe have to give up other things to do it right now. I do think it is a movement that is here to stay if everyone can just keep up with the demand and not go broke in the interim!!