Our Difference


Our customers love us. Many give us big hugs, tell us their stories and even shed a tear because they are so excited to enjoy delicious baked goods tailored to their needs. Since there is a shortage of bakeries like Dempsey Bakery® in most cities, our out-of-town customers often ask when we are going to open a bakery in their hometown.

The products offered at Dempsey Bakery® are so delicious that some of our customers don’t even have allergy-free needs. They enjoy a beautiful decorated cake at a birthday party or Gluten-Free bread at a family dinner, then keep coming back to Dempsey to enjoy the products they love.

Dempsey Bakery® is not just Gluten-Free. It is an allergy-friendly bakery that is Gluten, Soy, Peanut and Tree Nut-Free, with many Egg and Dairy-Free products as well.