I just read an article today by Candice Choi, The Associated Press, about the challenge of making food without all the artificial dyes and still making the food pretty and colorful. I had no idea that Subway puts dye in their peppers! I expect it to be in cereal and candy but never thought of peppers and cheese at Panera bread. I am guessing that food dye is in pretty much everything, including fresh fruit, etc, that we don’t really know what natural food really looks like. I know I was at the grocery one day deciding which orange to buy and the clerk told me that the oranges from Calif have preservatives on them but not the ones from Florida. Guess which one I was leaning to until I learned that. General Mills is retooling its cereals to leave out the artificial dyes but finding it a real challenge. The green and blue are the hardest to change. I would have thought it would be red. This has been a slow movement to take hold but I think it has finally become the mainstream and the large food companies are seeing their sales drop so now they have to come on board. We really changing the food industry by not buying foods that don’t meet our more natural standards. The local market are thriving, fast foods are losing sales and grocery stores can’t keep the organic in stock. The hardest part now is to convince everyone to spend more money on good healthy food and less on junk we don’t need. OUCH!! I sometimes just like to buy something I don’t really need, so the best thing for me is to shop at stores where there isn’t much junk tempting me.