Well I just had to share this today because my husband has been suffering with very bad headaches for several years. He took all kinds of supplements to get rid of toxins and also took lots of Excedrin Migraine and woke up almost every night with a severe headache. I say never give up because more than likely if no one can find a logical explanation or medical reason these problems occur then there is probably a environmental or food issue at the bottom. Well we have our house for sale and the oriental carpet in our bedroom was pretty dirty so I sent it off to the cleaners to get freshened up. Probably two days after the rug was removed his headaches went away. Needless to say we are now rugless in our bedroom. I don’t care if it looks stark right now.
We were so glad we figured out what the problem was but something else changed as well. No more headaches-no more Excedrin, which meant his liver started working better and because he is now sleeping thru the night his energy level is better. Amazing how that works. He has felt better than he has in a long time even though we had already done so much with his health. I am just encouraging everyone to keep searching under the stones until you get to the last one.