I recently received my “Gluten-Free and More” magazine and was surprised to read all the advantages of sorghum flour. We use it in many of our bread products, such as Everyones Bread, Crackerbread and pizza crusts, and love the results and flavor. Since we are soy free, we needed a flour with good protein value to help with texture. We had no idea it would become one of the Superstars of the gluten free grains. I won’t even try to highlight the article because there is so many advantages to this grain that you would be better off reading it yourself. The article is written by Eve Becker and you could probably go online and get it from www.GlutenFree and More.com in the August-Sept issue. There are many sustainable qualities to this product as well, such high drought tolerance and non GMO so that is a plus as well. As I sit in my air conditioned house and the temps keep getting higher for the summer, I think that would be a very good attribute for the really hot and dry states. Kansas and Texas are the main growers of this grain. Check out the article. I don’t recommend this flour for your sweets but it works great for bread products.