Oh my it is so difficult to navigate the holidays with food sensitivities. Its hard enough without them. I have a few suggestions to maybe take a little of the stress off. If you are going to someone else’s home then it is a good idea to eat something before you go so you won’t be quite so hungry and especially if children are involved. They would probably rather play with cousins anyway. That way you know they have eaten and you can relax a little. You can also bring a few dishes that everyone will love but work for your food issues. No one even needs to know. They even have gluten free cream soups for the typical casseroles we all love. If you are cooking the meal, its easier in some ways but it takes a little time to adjust your favorite foods. A GF piecrust is not too difficult and most of the inside of pies are gluten free. If you can’t pick up some of the Dempsey Bakery dressing then its not too difficult to convert because there are plenty of cornbread mixes if you make yours with cornbread. If you use store bought chicken stock, then make sure you use a GF brand. My family loves green beans wrapped in bacon and that is an easy one. Oh Yeah make sure your turkey hasn’t been plumped up with gluten. They do it on some brands. If you are not eating potato or corn starch, then substitute equal parts arrowroot and or tapioca. Each year it gets easier but it still takes more planning for sure. I have put a picture of our family from last year at our Thanksgiving dinner, even though it looks like Christmas, because I always roll out the Christmas dishes for Thanksgiving because I love them and it kicks off the holidays. Our family wishes you a blessed Thanksgiving and hope that you too can enjoy it with our friends and family.